Edward Montgomery & Johnny Hamilton

Community Theatre at Theatre Bristol

Edward Montgomery and Jonny Hamilton are River’s Way Gamechangers who thrive as actors in our annual plays with Theatre Bristol. Edward and Jonny light up when it comes to theater. Play practice begins 5-6 weeks ahead of performances. We block out an hour of time to rehearse each day. Our director and playwright, Dottie Havlik, has high expectations for the River’s Way actors and Theatre Bristol actors alike. Edward and Jonny are two of the 14 River’s Way actors involved. Edward and Jonny meet Dottie’s expectations by taking rehearsals seriously and by adding dramatic flair to the scripted roles. When Eward first started with acting, he was shy and hesitant, not sure if he was up to the task. As he caught on, he showed everyone that he was a natural actor, someone who quickly understood the fine parts of a scene and who could act in a credible, and often funny way. Jonny, like Edward, easily puts himself in the role he is meant to play. He adds little details to his speech and to his movements in ways that make the play even better. Theatre Bristol cast members enjoy working with River’s Way participants like Edward and Jonny because they bring a unique level of energy, commitment and humor to roles. Together, the actors from both River’s Way and Theatre Bristol deliver theater that the public loves. River’s Way has partnered with Theatre Bristol for six years in producing inclusive plays which are consistently sold out.These plays contribute to the betterment of our community. They help to shape positive perceptions of people with differing abilities and they show what people of ALL abilities are capable of doing together when given the opportunity.

Community Benefits

  • Actors like Jonny and Edward are able to gain recognition and appreciation
  • Theater provides another avenue for River’s Way participants to showcase hidden talents
  • River’s Way participants grow by as individuals due to the disciplined nature of rehearsals
  • River’s Way participants realize that they are contributing, that they make a positive difference.
  • River’s Way actors and Theatre Bristol actors learn from each other. They become a team.
  • Audiences see that individuals with differing abilities help make the world a better place.

Edward Montgomery

Jonny Hamilton