Caleb Stone & Justin Sutherland

Community Hub at the YMCA of Bristol

River’s Way Game Changers Caleb Stone and Justin Sutherland can be found at the YMCA of Bristol 200 or more weekday afternoons during the year. You will meet them lifting weights from 2-2:45 or taking part in a challenging yoga session from 3-4:45. Then they are either walking laps inside the Y or walking laps on the sidewalk outside the Y. Justin regularly does 12 Nautilus weight lifting machines each time he comes to the Y. Caleb does 7-8 machines. Both young men challenge themselves with heavier weights and have steadily built up their strength over the years. River’s Way has been working out at the Y since 2011. Rick Matthews, the CEO at the Y, says the River’s Way fitness program is the best that he has seen for people with disabilities. Caleb and Justin inspire other Y members along with the members of their group. Justin steadily works from machine to machine, religiously doing 3 sets of 10 repetitions with each machine. Caleb pushes himself in his lifting and takes time between machines to encourage others. Y members in the Nautilus room are impressed with the discipline and commitment of both these young men who contribute to their communities by showing what it means to work hard in the pursuit of better fitness.

Community Benefits

  • River’s Way participants at the YMCA inspire members to commit themselves to fitness routines
  • YMCA members like Caleb and Justin help make the Y an even better place to be with their enthusiasm and their willingness to build friendships.
  • The Y is a community hub and the many people who come to the Y witness the everyday achievements of people with disabilities.

Justin Sutherland

Caleb Stone